NUWA Earring
NUWA Earring

NUWA Earring

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Size: 1.75-Inch

Inspired by symbols and patterns of nature including flora, fauna, and sacred geometry, the Ritual collection reminds us of the practices we take to tune in, listen to our intuition, and resonate with the energy of the Earth.  Made of brass and nickel silver, these ornate designs are perfect for high vibes in an active earthy lifestyle.

Brass is an alloy of copper. In some cases brass jewelry can cause the skin it touches to turn a greenish hue due to the reaction of skin acidity with the oxidation of copper. This is not harmful and does not mean the jewelry is poorly made. Brass will patina naturally and will take on a rustic look over time; however, to maintain the shine of your brass jewelry use a polishing cloth regularly to restore its lustre.

Brass tarnishes quickly when introduced to water. Always store in a cool, dry place.

Sold as a pair.